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Placentia Personal Training Keeps You Younger Looking

Everyone has to get older, but you don’t have to look your age or feel it. Placentia personal training can help you stave of many of the serious conditions that often accompany aging. It can do far more than that, as well. You don’t have to look or feel your age. Studies show that a program of regular exercise can keep you healthier and looking younger.

Placentia #1 fitness service can help you have excess weight.  Excess weight adds to the potential of developing serious ailments.

If you’re overweight, your chances of developing high blood pressure, heart conditions or diabetes increase. Extra pounds, often carried around the midriff, exacerbate many of the serious conditions found in individuals. When you seek the aid of personal training in Placentia, you’ll not only learn new ways of eating to lower your weight, you’ll add exercise to the mix. The combination of diet and exercise can take off pounds rapidly and permanently. Excess weight can also make you look far older than you are.

Free radicals cause cell damage or destruction, which leads to illness or aging.

Free radicals exist everywhere. Free radicals attack cells for extra atoms to stabilize them, if there are no antioxidants to do it. That causes cell damage or destruction. The more cells that die, the more chances you have of developing a serious condition. Aging occurs as your body’s cells lose their ability to replicate. The telomeres at the end of the chromosomes help protect the chromosomes so they can continue to replicate and keep you young and healthy. Scientific studies show exercise helps the telomeres to be longer. Exercise also helps protect the cells in another way.

Exercise helps boost the immune system by increasing the amount of antioxidants it stimulates the body to produce.

When you exercise, your respiration increases, causing more free radicals to form. The body reacts to the increase by producing more antioxidants. The more you exercise, the more it produces. That doesn’t stop on days you don’t go to the gym. The body continues to produce them even when you’re not working out. It’s another way besides a healthy dietary intake you can increase the cell protecting antioxidants.
Personal trainers can help you make lifestyle changes to improve your chances of looking and feeling younger longer. They can show you exercise routines and help you make dietary changes that do it.
A personal trainer designs an exercise program specifically for each individual. He watches the individual exercise to find their level of fitness, helps them set goals and considers all special needs before creating the program.
Personal trainers adjust the program as each person becomes fitter. That means you’ll always be working at your highest capacity.
You’ll work harder than you would on your own with the help of a personal trainer. The trainer provides a huge amount of motivation, while keeping you accountable for your progress.

    Testimonial Picture of Rene Santos (2)
    “I lost over 40 lbs. & feel great”

    Precision Fitness is the best investment I ever made. I learned how to get in shape and stay in shape.

    Rene Santos
    Testimonial Picture of Jeanette V (2)
    “Losing body fat feels great!”

    The program really works, just give it 14 days and follow the guidelines! This is Placentia’s #1 Fitness Results service!

    Jeanette V

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