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Functional Training – Four Pillars of Human Movement

Functional Training is an important training technique that helps prepare the body for actions that we perform in everyday life. In our daily lives, when we are moving about, we are moving in more than one plane of motion. This means we need to incorporate the same things into our workouts.

Four Pillars of Human Movementthe four pillars are composed of major movements the body naturally recognizes, and are the basis of functional training.

  1. Locomotion– all biomotor drills and single-leg dynamic movements (single-leg reach)
  2. Level Changes – squatting, lunging, stepping, trunk flexion and extension
  3. Pushing and Pulling – hands and elbows towards/ away from shoulders (push ups, pull ups, bench press, rows)
  4. Rotation– all changes in direction; rotational movement

Combining all of these pillars into a workout will make for great functional training. They will ease the stress put on your body from everyday activities.

Functional training Bonus Tips

  1. Fat loss – Cardio in the am before breakfast (or on an empty stomach)
  2. Fat loss – Cardio after weightlifting
  3. Fat loss – Follow with a protein drink (no carbs)
  4. Muscle gain – Cardio after weightnlifting
  5. Muscle gain – Drink a carb and protein drink before/during workout
  6. Muscle gain – Follow workout with a carb and protein drink
  7. Safety – Wait at least an hour after waking up before lifting
  8. Speed performance – Speed work BEFORE strength training
  9. Conditioning performance – Conditioning work after strength training
  10. Strength performance – Strength training before speed or conditioning

Stay tuned for more functional training tip in the future.



Kettlebells: The Secret to a Great Workout!


Kettlebells are an amazing way to gain muscle and speed up your weight loss! When used correctly, the kettlebell can prevent injury and help keep you in shape.

Our intern, Erin Stone, has this to say about her experience with kettlebells:

Precision Fitness Placentia has taught me so much over the last couple weeks when it comes to the kettlebell! I always saw people using these in the gym, and I never picked one up because I was afraid of using an improper technique. I saw people doing all sorts of crazy things with them – swinging them over their heads and between their legs. Precision Fitness taught me how to use the kettlebell properly and I have mastered the kettlebell swings and cleans! I didn’t get them right away, but when I finally learned how to do the exercise properly I really felt like I was getting a great workout. My next goal is to perfect the snatch with the kettlebell! Getups with the kettlebell are also a great full body workout. I’m glad I didn’t try to do this by myself at the gym, because the movements required when using a kettlebell are very precise. We have a kettlebell workshop coming up, and I think it will be a great tool for those looking to improve their workouts and gain some new knowledge!”

Kettlebells  Workshop

Precision Fitness Placentia is having a FREE kettlebell workshop this Thursday, February 13th at 7:00 pm! Come learn about proper ways to use kettlebells. They provide a GREAT fat-burning workout when used correctly!

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP for this workshop, contact us at (714) 883-8940.

Any questions about Kettlebells call 714-883-8940

Kettle bells

Nutrition: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You.

Precision Fitness Placentia

What you don’t know could hurt you and prevent you from losing weight.

How much thought do you put into what you eat?

If you want to get in shape then you’ll be interested to know that 80% of your health and fitness results are attributed to your diet.

READ NUTRITION LABELS. The nutritional content and ingredient list will give you everything you need to know about quality of what you eat.

Precision Fitness Placentia outlined 5 ingredients that should raise a RED FLAG when you turn over that package.



HFCS is a manmade sugar, derived predominantly from genetically modified corn.  The sweet concoction has shown to promote binges and increases blood sugar levels, PROMOTING FAT STORAGE. 

The introduction of HFCS into our food supply directly paralleled a 47% spike in type 2 diabetes cases as well as 80% increase in obesity for mainstream products, including the following.  Sauces (including ketchup) yogart, energy bars, soft drinks, fruit juices, processed bake goods, cereals crackers, ice cream, salads dressings, most packaged snack foods.


Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats have undergone such extensive processing that the chemicals structure has changed from a “cis” shape which the human body recognizes and utilizes, to trans shape, which is foreign and destructive to human physiology.

Check out each food label for the word HYDROGENATED AND AVOID IT diligently. Cutting out hydrogenated fats is a simple step towards looking and feeling your best!  Need help with weight loss or increasing your fitness go to:


Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that was denied 8 times by the FDA before being approved in 1973.  Many scientist objected the approval claiming that aspartame hadn’t been safe for use as a food additive.  MIT neuroscientist, Richard Wurtman researched the effects of aspartame and concluded that it promotes cravings for food high in calories and carbohydrates.  Not good for weight loss or reaching your fitness goals. 

Though aspartame is calorie free it still causes insulin to be released, which job is to stow away sugar – when this sugar is not available, the result often hypoglycemia and sever hunger.



White sugar comes from the juice of a sugar cane plant that has undergone an extensive refining process.  In the process all of the enzymes, fiber vitamins and minerals are destroyed rendering a nutritional void.   White sugar is also extremely high in calories, which your body loves to store away in fat cells.  This means increase belly fat and weight gain. 

Refined sugar has been linked to a weakened immune system, hyperactivity, ADD, mental emotional disorders, dental cavities, hypoglycemia, enlargement of the liver and kidneys, and an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain.  All that leads to weight gain!!  



White flour comes from natural wheat that has been stripped of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  This results in a nutritionally void product that is packed with calories that release quickly in to your system, creating a spike in blood sugar.  As you know, this promotes fat storage and leads to hysterical hunger and cravings.   You don’t need that!!


Once you cut these 5 items out of your diet, you’ll be pleased with the results.  Expect to lose weight, to have more energy and to feel better than you have in a long time! Nutrition is important!   For more help call Placentia’s #1 personal fitness training gym. We offer a certified P90x small group class, boot camps, personal fitness training.  Call for a free consultation 714-883-8940

Precision Fitness Placentia:




Hybrid 2.0 Class

Hey everyone!

The next Hybrid 2.0 fit camp is on  Saturday, February 22, 2014 830am , we are having our 2nd Hybrid 2.0 class!

This class is a combination of kickboxing and a great fit circuit. In this class, you will be able to:

  • Burn up to 1,000 calories
  • Work virtually every muscle in the body
  • Have a great time

There’s no excuse to Hybrid 2.0 fit camp, it’s FREE!

RSVP for the next Hybrid 2.0 fit camp 714-883-8940


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