Golf game to the next level

Golf game to the next level.

Placentia’s certified golf fitness instructor, Stewart is certified by the  Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

Why golf fitness?  Because golfers are athletes!

Golf is an extremely athletic activity, using every muscle in the body.  To put this into perspective, consider that the head of a golf club can travel over 100 miles per hour, an effort comparable to pitching a baseball.  This kind of repetitive intensity can reduce performance and lead to injuries of the back, elbows, wrist & shoulders.

A golf conditioning specialist can help increase your performance, add strength and balance to your swing and help reduce the risk of injury.

Correct golf swing faults

Your swing fault can be affected by these physical problems:

  • Lack of flexibility
  • Poor center of gravity
  • Poor posture
  • Prior injuries
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Muscle weakness


Proper Conditioning makes a difference.  Maximizing how your muscles and joints work together can create the power and control needed for an extraordinary golf swing!


Get results, improve your golf game!!


We don’t teach you how to golf , we just make you better!

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“Thanks to this program I have less back pain and my golf handicap has dropped from 2.1 to 0.2 and it still falling”

James Renick

Renick Cadillac

“Eight weeks after replacement I started working with Stewart My golf game has improved because of Stewart’s complete understanding of golf conditioning & human movement”

Larry Soulia

Riverside, CA

” Stewart has a wonderful understanding of how to improve my golf muscles.  I no longer have a problem with coming over the top or swaying.  This program has been a giant help”

Veda Brown age 71

“I noticed a improvement of 2-3 shots off my scores with less than a month’s time working with Stewart and at the college level that’s a huge difference”

Zadi Ari

University of Hawaii Hilo

“The strength and endurance I gained has helped me a lot!”

Joe Moran

Yorba Linda, CA

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