H2O, Water! Water is good for you! Do not overlook the use of water considering it so plain. Water is something that should not be underestimated. If you have a craving, feeling depressed, fatigued, lazy, or even a headache just gulp down some water. Drinking water also helps the skin tremendously, and just simply makes you feel great.

Water promotes weight loss. This works because there are decreased by-products of fat when you consume foods, and also reduce the intake of food (makes you feel full). It increases your thyroid function (main metabolic center) The best part, it only has 0 calories!

Water also bring out and makes your skin more beautiful then ever.   Forget using lotion and facial cream, drink to moisturize your skin and get rid of wrinkles.

Water also helps tremendously in boosting your immune systems. Become protected from becoming sick by the seasonal flu!

With all these benefits to consume water, there’s no reason not to drink, even if you’re not thirsty! An adult (18 years +) should have an average of 7 regular sized water bottles a day. Start carrying a refillable bottle, or even a whole gallon of water with a handle! (don’t worry, we won’t think you’re weird…)



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