Weight Loss Commandments

Weight loss, Are you lost and just do not know how to start your path on to succeeding a healthy-goal orientated life style? Well, here are some simple, yet important tips to start incorporating in your daily schedule to become more closer to reaching your weight loss goals:

1) Eat a lean protein at every meal (every 2-3 hours)  Lean proteins include meats/foods that are high in protein, and low in fat content: Chicken breast, Fish (tilapia, salmon, tuna), hard-boiled eggs, and red meats (sirloin, filet; remember trim off the fat!!).   Avoid excess fats for increased weight loss.

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2) Eat a filling breakfast (eat like a King in the morning, and a peasant in the evening). This will help kick-start your metabolism for the day, which will greatly assist your goal for weight loss.  You want to start off your day fulfilled to have energy to expend throughout the time you are awake and working.  During the day, you don’t want go starving nor stuff yourself either, so keep meals or snacks planned 2-3 hours apart to keep your body satisfied and fully functional. As

3)Downsize your serving dishes (eat enough so you can eat again in 2-3 hours).  Again, justifying what was said in commandment #2, have small serving size meals/snacks around 5-6 times a day to avoid bulging, and to keep your metabolism processes working in your body.

4) Weight loss involves eating more vegetables (and not always dipping them in ranch or cooking them with).  Find creative ways to make your vegetables delicious without having to eat them with some sort of fat.  Such as: roasting/oven baking vegetables (light olive oil drizzle with light seasoning), boiling (w/ seasoning of preference).  Try to keep it light on the salt, but pepper is great.

5) Stay hydrated!! This is very important.  Your body made up of 75% water.  Almost all reactions that occur in the body need water.  One water bottle wont be enough! Carry a refillable water container, or even a gallon jug to have water easily accessible by the day.  More processes, more weight loss.

6) Sleep well (Atleast for 6 hours a day).  Weight loss strives on a well-rested and energized  for the upcoming day.  For 1)so you can avoid poor dietary choices you might make while being sleep deprived  (sugary coffee, bag of chips, fast food, etc.) 2) So you will have a balance in your hunger hormone Leptin (decrease hunger)  and Ghrelin (increase hunger).

7) Avoid sugar and refined foods.  Foods high in sugar and are processed will most likely be non-nutritious.  These foods will probably also be high in calorie, so therefore be detrimental to your goals. It would be best to cook your own food at home. Weight Loss! not weight gain!

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8) Exercise moderate – high intensity on hour per day, for 5 days a week.  Weight loss begins with consistency.  Try to balance out your time, incorporating a 1 hour exercise regimen in your schedule.  Try a variety of exercises to get your heart rate up (running, sprinting, weight lifting, jogging, dance class) Don’t be afraid to break a sweat and breathe hard!  Remember, over time it doesn’t get easier, your body just gets stronger.  If you can’t shoot up to an hour, try 30 minutes first.  Have your work out gear ready t0 go in your car to avoid a trip back home. Weight loss










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