World’s top belly slimming foods

The World’s Top Belly Slimming Foods

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

Everyone wants to eat right and/or lose weight.

But not everyone knows what the best foods for fighting belly fat are.

Protein, fat, and carbohydrates (yes I said carbohydrates) will feed your metabolism-boosting lean mass helping you destroy belly fat forever!

So what are the best foods for blasting away belly fat?

Here is a list of my top five foods for weight loss:

#5 Eggs

Words cannot describe the fat fighting power of eggs.   One egg has high-quality protein, and plenty of essential nutrients like choline all in 70 calories.

Pair with organic greens,  a piece of whole wheat toast, and an apple or pear and you are well on your way to providing your body with fat fighting nutrients, including plenty of fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer throughout the day.

Worlds top belly slimming foods

#4 Apples or pears with skin

Apples and pears are another great way to add extra fiber to your diet.

One large apple gives you  5 grams while 1 large pear gives you 7 grams of fat-fighting fiber.

Fiber is perfect for curbing your appetite, which makes you eat less at meals or when snacking.

Not only do pears and apples provide plenty of fiber, but they are fat free and cholesterol free.

An apple gives 65 calories and a pear about 100 calories, making it a perfect healthy snack or a side dish at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Pair together with low-fat cheese, yogurt, or all natural peanut butter to provide essential amino acids and making it a wholesome and nutritious snack

#3 Greek Yogurt

So do Greeks know something we don’t?

This amazing food is a staple in Greek and Mediterranean cultures and is frequently given to a bride and groom on their wedding night for vitality, energy, and strength.

Why is Greek yogurt so good for you?

Your typical yogurt is double filtered but Greek yogurt is triple filtered, resulting in a very creamy texture.

Greek yogurt is higher in protein and lower in carbs than most commercial yogurts.

This is a perfect treat for Diabetics and people who are low-carb crazy!

Pair this together with nuts and a touch of honey for a sweet and savory treat packed with fat burning protein, low carbohydrates, and a healthy dose of fiber.

#2 Sprouted Whole Grain (SWG) Breads

Considered the “flourless” bread.

This bread is unique because it is made directly from the sprouted seed, which provides more vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and fiber.

You get the whole-grain goodness without the flour!  This type of bread is made from a sprouted wheat berry, picked, ground up, and then added to the mixture, which makes it “flourless.”

High in protein, vitamins and minerals, and packed with plenty of fat-fighting fiber, this is the perfect item to include in your menu plan!

Pair this with some grain-fed beef for a healthy steak sandwich, which packs plenty of nutrition and loads belly slashing fiber!

#1 Whey Protein

This widely used supplement is the byproduct of cheese manufacturing.

The liquid left over is purified and made into whey powder, concentrated whey protein, or whey protein isolate.  Whey powder is used in many products from bakery items to infant formula.

Whey is power packed with essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscles.

Research has shown only 56 grams of whey protein a day can help you lose weight without restricting your energy intake.

This same research showed consuming whey protein resulted in a drop of 4 pounds, 1 inch off the waist, and a drop in body fat of 5 pounds!

Pair this together with ice, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and some fruit for a healthy and nutritious snack with plenty of appetite-suppressing protein and plenty of fat fighting potential.

Incorporating these five foods into a well-balanced diet plan will help provide essential nutrients needed to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Fiber-rich foods have been shown to help curb your appetite which can suppress the desire to eating more.

This will fight stubborn belly fat and help you stay healthy and fit for a long time to come!

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