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5 stretches to look and feel 10 years younger

5 stretches to look and feel 10 years younger

Interactive clinic you will learn 5 essential the stretches you need to be doing to look and feel younger.

Monday May 22nd, 7pm

1152 E Yorba Linda Blvd

Placentia, CA 92870


$5 per person

Limited to the first 8 to RSVP

Limited to the first 8 to RSVP 714-883-8940 5 stretches to look and feel 10 years younger

15 Essential Fat Loss Tips

15 Essential Fat Loss Tips

Your favorite restaurant may be calling your name, but don’t listen! By cooking your own dinner at home, you’ll sidestep a variety of pitfalls that occur while eating out.

Fat Loss Tip #6: Reduce Alcohol Intake

It helps you relax and—if you drink red wine—can offer health benefits. But alcohol also comes with a lot of useless calories. To avoid having more calories to burn than necessary, skip the bar and grab another glass of water. 

Fat Loss Tip #7: Redirect

Sticking with a fat loss plan gets hard. The next time it gets unbearable, grab your phone and walk out of the danger zone (your kitchen) and call a friend or loved one. Ask how life is going or plan a movie night—just talk about whatever will take your mind off the temptation that will ruin your efforts.

Fat Loss Tip #8: Hit the Hay

Remember when your parents gave you a curfew because “Nothing good happens after midnight”? This is particularly true when fat loss is your goal. Get to bed to avoid late-night snacking and help your body function its best!

Fat Loss Tip #9: Go Green (First)

There are lots of good foods out there that you need—lean meats, dairy, etc. But don’t let these be the bulk of your diet. Start your meals with something healthy and green to keep your carb count low.

Fat Loss Tip #10: Weigh Yourself

You might not like the idea of jumping on the scale, but if you don’t weigh yourself, you may not recognize your progress. Just as you should count your calories, you should also count your pounds and make adjustments to your eating and exercise routines as needed.

Fat Loss Tip #11: Disconnect Diet from Life

Life comes with ups and downs. Your diet should not. When stressed, don’t go to the vending machine. Put on your walking shoes and get going.

Fat Loss Tip #12: Keep the Burn Going

Working out is not supposed to be a walk in the park. To push your body to its potential and to burn more calories, don’t take long breaks between exercises. Rest no more than 30 seconds after an exercise to keep your body shedding calories and pounds.

Fat Loss Tip #13: Goodbye Sugary Sweet

Everyone needs a quick sweet on occasion. Make sure yours is natural, whole fruit rather than regular old sugar. Every day, it seems more research is showing that refined sugars and high-fructose corn syrup increase your likelihood of weight gain more than anything else.

Fat Loss Tip #14: Move Now!

Maintaining a consistent, challenging exercise program is essential for your fat loss, but don’t let that be your only exercise. Build 15-minute windows throughout your day during which you can take a brisk walk. You’ll be more alert at work and the pounds will keep dropping.

Fat Loss Tip #15: Don’t Give Up

You may think it’s too easy a tip to list, but very few people have the will power necessary to keep with a program long enough to see the desired results. Commit yourself today to being one of those few. If you’re not yet one of my esteemed clients then now is the time to join in and experience a whole new level of fitness and fat loss. Reply to this email or give me a call today to get started.

15 essential Fat Loss Tips

We love Men and women 40+

fullsizerenderWe love men and women 40+

Are you a man or women age 40+ looking to get in shape?

At Precision Fitness Placentia we can help you regain your youth call 714-883-8940 or check out our New AD  14 day fat furnace program for men and women 40+  or check out our websitechristina new1

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We love men and women 40+

call 714-883-8940 to claim your FREE week of unlimited training

We love men and women 40+

Placentia’s #1 fitness for men and women 40+

Placentia’s #1 Fitness for men and women 40+

Men and women 40 years old +,  it’s not to late to get in your best shape ever!

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Placentia’s #1 fitness for men and women 40+

5 Flat Tummy Myths

5 Flat Tummy Myths (and 3 Steps to Tight Abs)

Placentia’s #1 Fitness Results Service

FREE unlimited fitness training


Stretching Clinic

Stretching Clinic

Monday January 30th, 7pm

$5 per person space limited to the first 8 to RSVP

Placentia’s # 1 Fitness Results

1152 E Yorba Linda Blvd

Placentia, CA


In this hand on clinic you will learn everything you always wanted to know about stretching including:

  • How to stretch using proper form
  • What stretches  you need to  be doing everyday to prevent LOW BACK & KNEE injuries and much more….
  • $5 per person space limited to 8 people maximum
  • call 714-883-8940 for more information or to RSVP
  • Stretching clinic

Date: Monday January 30th, 7pm

Location: 1152 E Yorba Linda Blvd

Placentia, CA 82870

stretching clinic


Fat burning help is here

Fat burning help is here

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Fat burning help is here

New Year – New You Specials

New Year – New you Specials

Let Placentia’s #1Fitness Results Service help you get in the best shape of your life in 2017.

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New year New you Specials