Thanksgiving fitness sale

Thanksgiving fitness sale Buy 6 months get 6 months FREE Unlimited Personal Fitness training with Placentia’s #1 Fitness Results Service Must be paid in full by 11/23/16 call 714-883-8940 for more information Thanksgiving fitness sale

5 Metabolism myths

5 Metabolism myths Sometimes, your metabolism works against you even when you think you’re doing everything right. It’s time you took a good, hard look at how your metabolism really works.Check out the metabolism myths below and then use your new knowledge to put your metabolism to work…5 metabolism myths Myth 1: Metabolism Works from […]

5 flat belly myths

5 flat belly myths Bathing suit season is right around the corner…are you ready? Most people want to slim down before baring it all, so I’m here to warn you of the 5 Flat Tummy Myths that could waste your time: Myth #1: Do extra crunches to flatten your abs. Excessive crunches aren’t the answer […]

5 pounds

5 pounds I’d like to share five simple strategies with you for shedding five pounds of fat before the holidays.  But first let me clear something up.  Weight loss can be put into two categories. The first is a fully concentrated effort. This is where you dedicate yourself to counting every calorie and slaving away […]

The simplest weight loss diet ever!

THE SIMPLEST WEIGHT LOSS DIET EVER! Call Placentia’s #1 Fitness Results Service 714-883-8940  and receive a copy of THE SIMPLEST WEIGHT LOSS DIET EVER!  For only a $1 minimum donation to St. Jude children’s research hospital. THE SIMPLEST WEIGHT LOSS DIET EVER!

Strength training

Strength training 7 Ways Strength Training Will Change Your Life You get married. Have a baby. Move across the world. Start going to night school so you can get a degree. All of these are life-changing events that make you a different person. But did you know your life can change significantly just by spending […]

Can’t lose weight?

Can’t lose weight? There are few things more frustrating than not being able to lose weight. You want to be slimmer and to tone your body, but your weight won’t budge. Read the following 7 Weight Loss Blockers to discover what is standing in your way and how to quickly and easily begin your weight […]

Stubborn Fat Blues

Stubborn Fat Blues Every year at about this time frustrated people around the globe look in the mirror and realize that their waist is larger, hips are wider, and their New Year’s resolve has fizzled.  So what do you do about the stubborn and seemingly permanent fat?  Sink into a depression?  Well, the easiest thing […]